Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bad times, H&M, bad times.

When this landed on my doorstep this morning, I got a little excited. 'Since when did H&M do magazines..?!' I ripped off the cellophane in anticipation of some high street edginess, much like ASOS's monthly.

Could I have been more disappointed? This is not a H&M magazine. This is a H&M catalogue. Boring and dull, it could be one of those Freemans catalogues from the Nineties my Mama bought all my clothes from.

The first 'look', if you could call it that...:
In short, a chubby SJP in a crap dress.

Freemans catalogue anyone?

The only piece clothing I
remotely liked (and I usually love H&M) were these patterned summery trousers.

But I already have two pairs like this. And I bought them in Zara last summer.

A little more exciting perhaps, a little more like H&M. Looks cheap though, no?

And then! Oh no they didn't...

As if I didn't dislike Georgia Jagger enough; they manage to find a rip-off catalogue version of her!

If anything, I did like the Men's looks. Preppy, fresh, and less cheap-looking.

On one lonely positive note, I am impressed by H&M's home range thus far. The first range had some cute Holly Fulton-esque cushions I wish I'd snapped up.

So, H&M, listen up. Look to ASOS. This is how it's done.

Much Hennes Hating Love, Tasha X

(Sorry for the poor photo quality in this post, and lack of creative writing...rush rush rush!)

I got the Teeline blues.

Got down to abit of Teeline Shorthand practise (so much for 20 minutes a day) when I noticed the paint stains on my desk. Colourful war wounds from A-level deadline stress, I was reminded of all I had been through to get to where I am now. Good times.

Much Nostalgic Love, Tasha X

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

How to shower with all your possessions...and other advice

You'll be pleased to know I'm making my way steadily through my reading pile; with December and January Vogues devoured, I'm moving on to a LOVE, a W from October and an Elle. All lovingly flicked through, but none read cover to cover the way I like to. (I don't need reminding that while I'm taking my good time over these, many more magazines are published...)

My travel reading pile has not been neglected either, as I have just finished this: 'High Heels and a Head Torch, The Essential Guide to Girls Who Backpack.

Although it is clearly aimed at women, the majority of the advice is applicable to all travellers (such as chapters on international relations, money and food). However, the liberal talk of sparkly flip flops, tampons, and the storing of condoms in bras will scare any man out of reading it publicly.

The author, Chelsea Duke, writes her advice based her own often hilarious experiences, at times causing me to giggle out loud. If not entertaining, it does prepare you for the worse, particularly when toilets and hygiene are concerned.

When I first began reading I wondered whether the guide would be relevant or helpful to me, as Duke writes predominently about South America, Australia, New Zealand and India, whereas I will be travelling in Europe. However, as Duke does not give country-specific advice as a Lonely Planet Guidebook would, I could still relate to her ideas and apply them to my plans. Her packing guides are very thorough, for example, and will definitely refer to them when I pack. No doubt I will pack a camera but not its USB lead or my passport but no copies of it.

Other useful advice I have gleaned...
- sparkly flip flops save your feet from hostel shower floor gloop AND are feminine enough for going-out shoes
- stuffing knickers in a sink is not as effective as a universal sink plug
- practise your "fuck off" face before departure for detering market sellers

And so you get the idea. This book should not be your only prepatory travel read, but it makes a girly refreshment between the dry chapters of your more serious guidebooks.

(Thank you Mariella, for lending it to me)

Much Love, Tasha X

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Bag Lady

I have an odd relationship with handbags. I love bags; I love buying them, and I keep buying them. But however many I buy, I never have the right size, or colour, or style. With low available funds, I struggle to find an affordable bag that isn't made from a cheap plastic faux leather - which is awful to touch and doesn't wear well. Faux suede is most like the real thing, but excessive wear causes the material layers to peel away.

I own a gorgeous tan leather satchel by Jasper Conran which is loveworn, and even has tiny paint splatters over it from art college days, but is often just too big for everyday.

Therefore I have been keeping my peepers peeled recently for a practically sized, affordable but chic bag. And this is (hopefully) the answer:

(Sorry it's such a small image)

In a grey faux suede, this small satchel from Next hangs elegantly from the crook of my arm or bumps lightly against my hip if I wear it on its longer across-the-body strap.

But. I won't be wearing it at all until tomorrow, when I have a second Christmas with my Dad's family, as it is a gift from my Grandparents...!

Although the Next bag is quite Mulberry-esque on reflection, I took a liking to it originally because of its similarity to the Proenza Schouler satchels - a bag I adore.
Proenza Schouler, PS1 Medium leather satchel, £1,255

This Proenza Schouler bag is on my Net-A-Porter wishlist, along with a few other beauties...
Marni, Small Leather Satchel, £870Marc by Marc Jacobs, Natasha Leather Bag, £290

Yves Saint Laurent, Muse Oversized Leather Tote, £1225

Oh YSL, label of my dreams.

Much Love, Tasha X

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas day attire...the burgundy trousers got trumped in favour of this knitted skirt my lovely brother gave me for my birthday this morning - so cosy! The jacket and top are bargains from the TopShop sale yesterday. The gorgeous shoes are Zara and a birthday present from my parents.

And the ring....lush, no? A Covent Garden beauty made from a silver teaspoon! My other birthday present from Mama and Papa.

Wishing you all a fabulous day, eat lots and drink lots - I will be!

Much Love, Tasha X

Thursday, 23 December 2010

I just can't get no satisfaction...from Georgia May Jagger

Vogue January 2011, and an entire photostory featuring Georgia May Jagger...brilliant. Am I the only one to resent Jagger for her one-face-suits-all pose: pouting those Jagger lips, flaunting that oh-so-now gap tooth smile? If it wasn't for that mouth, would we recognise her at all? If she wasn't a Jagger, would she even be a model? She is only 5ft 7, and very wooden - models should be chameleons, adopting the persona of a brand, a style, an era. A photoshoot with Georgia May Jagger can only be a photoshoot with Georgia May Jagger, and that mouth won't let you forget it.

Give me Karlie Kloss any day.

New Year, New...Attempts


You'd think a Fashion Journalist would be able to maintain a blog. But it appears I am too busy a bee, doing relatively not alot. So here we go again; I have not quite abandoned the format of before, as I may return to it when time is rather more on my side. No, for now I just want to try to keep a regular blog. Haphazard, eclectic, and damn pointless though some contributions may be my main concern is keeping it up...and if I can achieve that you may eventually see some graphical, style-focused improvements.

Not only has blog guilt been nagging, but this ever-increasing pile of unread magazines weighs heavy on my Balmain-clad shoulders....ha. In my dreams.

Most are out-of-date, and a couple entirely unread. I repeat: as a Fashion Journalism student this is poor form. Slap my hand.

Leaving London I had three Vogues to read, October November December, knowing that January would be waiting for me at home. October and November have been consumed and December flicked through, having now skipped to January out of desperation. (I need to at least attempt to stay ahead sartorically.)

Post-blog today I plan to sit back with a cuppa and indulge in some reading. But other tomes are vying for my attention...

My fabulous friend Mariella and I are planning a little hop across Europe for July 2011. As soon as LCF lets me go, we shall depart. First stop, Paris. Then Rome, Naples, Sarajevo, Beograd, Budapest, Ljubljana, Vienna, Prague... Istanbul is on the wish list, but the resulting 26 hour train journeys are not. I will keep you updated.

That Lonely Planet brick of a book was an early Birthday present to me from Mariella, along with a gorgeous Moleskine notebook which will accompany me throughout Europe, returning undoubtedly filled with memories.

My Birthday being on Christmas Day I use it as an excuse to open presents early, teasing out my one special day of the year. So far I have been lucky to receive...

All gorgeous. If it wasn't for my self-inflicted fragile state, and a disgusting cold, those truffles made lovingly by Sally would be all scoffed up. Nom.

Christmas Eve Eve...My usual tradition of today is to brave the crowded high streets and purchase something wonderful to wear on Christmas Day. This year I found the perfect piece a few days early.

Christmassy in burgundy, like the many mulled wines I plan to consume, and a super warm wool for keeping snuggly in my chilly home. I may pair these TopShop trousers with my moss green sheer shirt and new lace bandeau...or perhaps my cream sequinned slip for extra glitz? Expect photos on the big day.

Wishing you a fabulous Christmas. Mistletoe kisses, Tasha X