Thursday, 23 December 2010

I just can't get no satisfaction...from Georgia May Jagger

Vogue January 2011, and an entire photostory featuring Georgia May Jagger...brilliant. Am I the only one to resent Jagger for her one-face-suits-all pose: pouting those Jagger lips, flaunting that oh-so-now gap tooth smile? If it wasn't for that mouth, would we recognise her at all? If she wasn't a Jagger, would she even be a model? She is only 5ft 7, and very wooden - models should be chameleons, adopting the persona of a brand, a style, an era. A photoshoot with Georgia May Jagger can only be a photoshoot with Georgia May Jagger, and that mouth won't let you forget it.

Give me Karlie Kloss any day.

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