Tuesday, 28 December 2010

How to shower with all your possessions...and other advice

You'll be pleased to know I'm making my way steadily through my reading pile; with December and January Vogues devoured, I'm moving on to a LOVE, a W from October and an Elle. All lovingly flicked through, but none read cover to cover the way I like to. (I don't need reminding that while I'm taking my good time over these, many more magazines are published...)

My travel reading pile has not been neglected either, as I have just finished this: 'High Heels and a Head Torch, The Essential Guide to Girls Who Backpack.

Although it is clearly aimed at women, the majority of the advice is applicable to all travellers (such as chapters on international relations, money and food). However, the liberal talk of sparkly flip flops, tampons, and the storing of condoms in bras will scare any man out of reading it publicly.

The author, Chelsea Duke, writes her advice based her own often hilarious experiences, at times causing me to giggle out loud. If not entertaining, it does prepare you for the worse, particularly when toilets and hygiene are concerned.

When I first began reading I wondered whether the guide would be relevant or helpful to me, as Duke writes predominently about South America, Australia, New Zealand and India, whereas I will be travelling in Europe. However, as Duke does not give country-specific advice as a Lonely Planet Guidebook would, I could still relate to her ideas and apply them to my plans. Her packing guides are very thorough, for example, and will definitely refer to them when I pack. No doubt I will pack a camera but not its USB lead or my passport but no copies of it.

Other useful advice I have gleaned...
- sparkly flip flops save your feet from hostel shower floor gloop AND are feminine enough for going-out shoes
- stuffing knickers in a sink is not as effective as a universal sink plug
- practise your "fuck off" face before departure for detering market sellers

And so you get the idea. This book should not be your only prepatory travel read, but it makes a girly refreshment between the dry chapters of your more serious guidebooks.

(Thank you Mariella, for lending it to me)

Much Love, Tasha X

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  1. I have a new obsession - Coach Trip, I must be watching the ninth episode of the day. Flip-flops are also useful to throw at snorers in the dorms.