Thursday, 23 December 2010

New Year, New...Attempts


You'd think a Fashion Journalist would be able to maintain a blog. But it appears I am too busy a bee, doing relatively not alot. So here we go again; I have not quite abandoned the format of before, as I may return to it when time is rather more on my side. No, for now I just want to try to keep a regular blog. Haphazard, eclectic, and damn pointless though some contributions may be my main concern is keeping it up...and if I can achieve that you may eventually see some graphical, style-focused improvements.

Not only has blog guilt been nagging, but this ever-increasing pile of unread magazines weighs heavy on my Balmain-clad shoulders....ha. In my dreams.

Most are out-of-date, and a couple entirely unread. I repeat: as a Fashion Journalism student this is poor form. Slap my hand.

Leaving London I had three Vogues to read, October November December, knowing that January would be waiting for me at home. October and November have been consumed and December flicked through, having now skipped to January out of desperation. (I need to at least attempt to stay ahead sartorically.)

Post-blog today I plan to sit back with a cuppa and indulge in some reading. But other tomes are vying for my attention...

My fabulous friend Mariella and I are planning a little hop across Europe for July 2011. As soon as LCF lets me go, we shall depart. First stop, Paris. Then Rome, Naples, Sarajevo, Beograd, Budapest, Ljubljana, Vienna, Prague... Istanbul is on the wish list, but the resulting 26 hour train journeys are not. I will keep you updated.

That Lonely Planet brick of a book was an early Birthday present to me from Mariella, along with a gorgeous Moleskine notebook which will accompany me throughout Europe, returning undoubtedly filled with memories.

My Birthday being on Christmas Day I use it as an excuse to open presents early, teasing out my one special day of the year. So far I have been lucky to receive...

All gorgeous. If it wasn't for my self-inflicted fragile state, and a disgusting cold, those truffles made lovingly by Sally would be all scoffed up. Nom.

Christmas Eve Eve...My usual tradition of today is to brave the crowded high streets and purchase something wonderful to wear on Christmas Day. This year I found the perfect piece a few days early.

Christmassy in burgundy, like the many mulled wines I plan to consume, and a super warm wool for keeping snuggly in my chilly home. I may pair these TopShop trousers with my moss green sheer shirt and new lace bandeau...or perhaps my cream sequinned slip for extra glitz? Expect photos on the big day.

Wishing you a fabulous Christmas. Mistletoe kisses, Tasha X

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