Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bad times, H&M, bad times.

When this landed on my doorstep this morning, I got a little excited. 'Since when did H&M do magazines..?!' I ripped off the cellophane in anticipation of some high street edginess, much like ASOS's monthly.

Could I have been more disappointed? This is not a H&M magazine. This is a H&M catalogue. Boring and dull, it could be one of those Freemans catalogues from the Nineties my Mama bought all my clothes from.

The first 'look', if you could call it that...:
In short, a chubby SJP in a crap dress.

Freemans catalogue anyone?

The only piece clothing I
remotely liked (and I usually love H&M) were these patterned summery trousers.

But I already have two pairs like this. And I bought them in Zara last summer.

A little more exciting perhaps, a little more like H&M. Looks cheap though, no?

And then! Oh no they didn't...

As if I didn't dislike Georgia Jagger enough; they manage to find a rip-off catalogue version of her!

If anything, I did like the Men's looks. Preppy, fresh, and less cheap-looking.

On one lonely positive note, I am impressed by H&M's home range thus far. The first range had some cute Holly Fulton-esque cushions I wish I'd snapped up.

So, H&M, listen up. Look to ASOS. This is how it's done.

Much Hennes Hating Love, Tasha X

(Sorry for the poor photo quality in this post, and lack of creative writing...rush rush rush!)

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