Sunday, 9 January 2011


Hello London.

After four weeks at home, in the quiet countryside, waking up to this...

...I returned to London yesterday. I wasn't sure how I felt about coming back, to be honest. I missed people, obviously, and I was excited to be continuing with my degree, but I had got so used to the steady pace of Devon. I can't say I was looking forward to daily tube treks, rush hour stress, and the lack of common courtesy (I'm a country bumpkin, me).

But as we drove through the city to my halls; through Kensington, Piccadilly, Islington, and Hackney, I remembered why I love it. It was as if seeing it through fresh eyes, I felt as in awe as the first time I visited: the gorgeous crumbling Victorian townhouses overshadowed by great blocks of glass and metal, the weird and wonderful walking the pavements, designer clothing EVERYWHERE. I almost squealed when I spotted the first Burberry trenches, Mulberry Alexas, and flashing Louboutins passing me by. Devon had deprived me of this label-spotting sport I so loved.


Today I ventured out into the bitter cold with a friend, to photograph trends for a project. Despite carrying my camera in my hand, I was so consumed by the wares of Brick Lane I frequently forgot what I was there for. Thank god I was carrying little cash else I may have returned with purple leather shorts, a fur jacket, and a tweed pleated midi skirt...and probably various battered furniture pieces. All were left behind with regret.

From Brick Lane we wandered on to Columbia Road. This is rapidly becoming my favourite place in the city. It is typically East End with flower sellers barking "Two for a fiver" at you from both sides. The blooms make it beautiful, the cobbles make it quaint. The cute vintage and artisan shops which line the market make for brief getaways from the crowd. Despite the bustle, I feel my most tranquil in this London haven: the best Sundays are spent here.

Columbia Road Carnations to brighten even the most puke-coloured student halls curtains.

Whilst at Columbia Road, Libby and I were approached to be photographed for a magazine. (Which I think they said was called New Look...?) Flattery is the best way to end a lovely afternoon I say..

What I wore today: an outfit-of-the-moment for me, I am becoming very fond of burgundy.

Much London Love, Tasha X

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