Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Milan Menswear

I intended to do posts on Milan Menswear Fashion Week day by day, as opposed to one large post, but time evaded me. With Paris Menswear Fashion Week beginning tomorrow I thought I best get on with it!

So. Here are my fave looks from Milan, in no particular order. The 'statement' looks rarely interest me (note a lack of Burberry's big coats) but rather I find myself captivated by the tiny details: a uniquely tied scarf at Burberry, un-tucked shirts at Bottega Veneta, and low belt-loops at Viv Westwood...

PradaLook 4; breeches. Look 9; fab bag. Look 21; suede. Look 28; LUREX.

Vivienne Westwood
Look 2; Chuck Bass? Look 14; oddly low belt-loops. Look 31; cosy jacket. Look 44; tee.

Alexander McQueen
Look 3; WOW military. Look 16; belted suit overcoat. Look 21; colour. Look 27; magical McQueen print.

Jil Sander
Look 6; COLOUR. Look 15; COLOUR. Look 22; COLOUR. Look 31; fresh silhouette

Look 2; emerald. Look 21; sombreity in a fluoro collection. Look 32; orange. Look 49; fur+man=mmmm

Burberry Prorsum
Look 15; neck-scarf. Look 28; BAG. Look 29; shrunken jacket. Look 44; texture.

Bottega Veneta
Look 4; untucked shirt. Look 14; peekaboo colour. Look 23; opaque khaki.

There you have it. If all men in my life could pick a look, buy, and wear..? Much appreciated.

Much Milano Love, Tasha X

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